The Games of Commodore 64 Week: Hardball!

Accolade presents baseball!


Baseball had never looked so good.  Hardball! was our family choice when it came to C64 baseball sims.  Where the game lacked in teams (only two), each did sport a full roster, and substitutions did make a difference.  Graphically, this game was head and shoulders ahead of the competition, but that certainly was Accolade’s claim to fame back in their early days and launching the Test Drive series.  My brother and I played countless games against each other, the competition was heated and the rivalry intense.  I was the All-Stars, he was The Champs.

Best ball game on the C64…

For me, it seems like the older baseball video games are the best.  Be it the C64, NES, Saturn, PS1, that was the time when I enjoyed computer baseball.  Hardball was the game that set me on that path, and in the heat of the summer, it is good to reminisce about one of my all time favourite ball games!

Hardball!  – Wikipedia



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2 Responses to The Games of Commodore 64 Week: Hardball!

  1. I played the hell out this! I recall “Sporting News Baseball” being good as well, but this one was my favorite by far.

    • SUPERGHOST says:

      I had Sporting News BB as well. While certainly more robust as a baseball sim, it just wasn’t as ‘fun’ as Hardball. My brother and I created a League in Hardball by creating different teams by mixing up the rosters just so we could get more milage out of the game.

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