Commodore 64 Week

While others had Atari or Nintendo…we had a C64!


According to the internets and as per C64 uber-fan Glen McNamee, the first week of August is now Commodore 64 Week!  To me this is a time when gamers who were not perhaps raised by other popular consoles such as the Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, etc. but rather brought up on the game machine/personal computer that was the Commodore 64.  Thousands upon thousands of games and software were available for the C64, and I was privileged to have played my share.  While it was not all rosy, controllers and game stability were an ever-present issue for me, it was still a great way to game and has formed my gaming tastes to this day.


To celebrate C64 week I am going to feature a personal favourite game or gaming series on my blog each day.  I think that would be a fun way to celebrate and reminisce about the C64 glory days.  I already have several ideas swirling around in my head.

If you want something to look at right now, I would highly recommend a couple of posts I did previously on Maniac Mansion and Raid on Bungling Bay that feature post-mortem’s from the game’s creators at this year’s GDC.  Again, stay tuned this week for more Commodore!

Commodore USA



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5 Responses to Commodore 64 Week

  1. Ricky Adams says:

    Another visitor! Stay Awhile… stay FOREVER!

  2. Mike Levin says:

    Here’s my article/tribute. I’m pretty pumped about it being back:

  3. Sian Jackson says:

    cant wait to get my hands on th new c64x . we have a commodore month but now i decided it all the time super bliz any one

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