SUPERGHOST TV: Featuring Forza Motorsport 3


Gettin dizzy?

Today I have a video I created in Forza Motorsport 3.  While trying to cut the corner a little too closely, I caught the edge which sent my car into an epic tailspin!  Fortunately it was a tailspin right down the middle of a straightaway.  Once my car stopped spinning I was facing the right direction and continued on my merry way.


On further inspection I counted my car did three full revolitions after the hit.  That is a 1080 degree spin!  Pretty impressive. 

On a related topicI recently captured an interesting Forza video for a future SG TV post, I will give you a hint, Forza is a game of inches.  Watch for that video coming soon.  If you want to watch any of my other videos there is a link for SUPERGHOST TV on the right side of my blog under Blogspotting.  Enjoy!

Forza Motorsport




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