Mission Accomplished: Medal of Honor

Earned the medal…it was an honor!

medal-of-honorThe Battle is Won...The Battle is Won… – Singleplayer: Finished the Game                                 Gamerscore = 50   Unlocked on 24/07/2011

It may sound clichéd, but Medal of Honor is probably the best $10 I ever spent on a video game…and if it were not for the EB Games clerk pointing it out to me I probably would never have considered this game.  And while I purchased this game as a quick and dirty campaign for the Summer holidays I soon discovered that it has a really nice and unique take on multiplayer with it.


If you get past the intense ‘flag-waving’ and the ‘super-soldier’ syndrome you will find a game that is very focused on the realities of combat.  You get the sense that for the most part, these situations could happen out in theatre of war. 

I look forward to playing a little more of the multiplayer before I put this game away for good in favour of the Call of Duty’s and Battlefield’s that are coming this fall.  Certainly no shortage of military action this Fall.

Medal of Honor




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