Mission Accomplished: F.3.A.R. as The Point Man

Mother…do you wanna bang heads with me?


Mission… accomplished?Mission… accomplished? – Finish the Campaign on any difficulty                              (all Intervals complete)    Gamerscore = 50   Unlocked on 17/07/2011

Today I completed the F.3.A.R. campaign as The Point Man.  One of the coolest features of F.3.A.R. is when you finish the campaign as The Point Man, you get to play through as the ghost of Paxton Fettel, possessing Armacham soldiers along the way. 

When I gave my impressions for this game a couple of weeks back I commented that the narrative for the game was kind of a mess due to all the transitions this franchise has undergone since its inception.  And while that did not change entirely, the game did come together for an enjoyable and satisfying conclusion.  The game actually redeemed itself quite nicely in spite of all the odd environments and situations, and its extremely dark and graphic tone.  Without being a spoiler I am left to wonder where the franchise will go next?  I do suspect that we have not seen the last of F.E.A.R. and its cadre of characters.


So next up for me is to play through as Fettel.  I would also like to play more of the multiplayer.  As for the franchise, I would like to see them perhaps to get back to the First Encounter Assault Recon, perhaps some all new missions investigating the paranormal.  I think the game needs to get out from under the Wade/Alma/Brothers paradigm and look to perhaps start a new story arch.  Somehow I suspect that won’t happen, nut in my mind it would be great!

On a related subject, this post represents my 1,000 post on this blog!  I am all about milestones so I will be doing a special post a little later to mark this occasion.  Thanks for reading!




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