Big Game Hunter: Dai Senryaku VII – Modern Military Tactics

Advance(d) wars  for your Xbox classic (and 360)!



While I am not quite the game collector and purchaser that I once was, from time to time I will still pick up some random game that is either hard to find or on the cheap just to give it a good home.  While at EB Games the other day I picked up several games, one of witch was Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics.  While I myself really have no interest in an overly complex, turn-based, military strategy game, I know someone who does, my brother Schuey F1.  He may ultimately be the beneficiary of this legendary $6 purchase.  I am certainly no expert, but DSVII looks like a pretty amazing game if military strategy is your bag.  More on the game after the jump.


There is actually not a whole lot on the net other than guides regarding this game.  Even Kemco’s (the developer) site no longer has any mention of this series.  The best description of the game, as well as screenshots, I found at TeamXbox:

Strategy game, released in Japan as Daisenryaku VII in 2003. There are three playable modes — Free Mode (which offers you 62 pre-made maps), Mapmaker/Map Editor (design your own map and then play it), and Mission Mode (which is packed with 26 levels in all). Mission Mode is the single-player section, and it’s where you get your bearings and prepare for the two-player game (Free Mode). The turn-based strategy game is layered with vehicles, more than 800 real-world military vehicles — ranging from dozens of subs, fighter planes, jeeps, tanks, ships, to carriers.

Sound very comprehensive.  From what I have seen on the net, this game is most compared to the Advance Wars series on the Game Boy.  I certainly suspect that would get a few people excited.

Funny thing about this game, I have seen it in stores for years, but the combination of price and timing had me see fit that it was time for its liberation…kind of like Tony Hawk Ride!  Winking smile

Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics




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