Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare for Warfighters!

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First IncisionFirst Incision – Singleplayer: Completed First In                                            Gamerscore = 15   Unlocked on 12/07/2011

One thing about video game sale, you just might buy that game that game on a lark that turns out to be really great.  After a few evenings of play I can say EA’s reboot of Medal of Honor is one of those games.  When the game was being promoted several months ago I had a mild interest, but not enough to take the plunge, but when an offer of a brand new purchase comes along for a mere $10, I will take that chance every time.  Probably why I didn’t buy is that in my view this was a Call of Duty clone, and since I wasn’t going to buy CoD Black Ops, there was really no point for me to buy this either. 

In my opinion I wasn’t wrong about the game being a CoD clone, it plays very much like that series, but it is different enough and has a pretty high quality threshold that it can certainly can stand on its own amongst the top military shooters.


At this point I have only played one of the campaign missions, the writing and atmosphere seem pretty tight, though I am not overly excited about the silent protagonist.  I realize that is to make you feel as though ‘you’ are the hero, but how would you feel if TV and books did this to you?  Tell me the story from every angle rather than immersing me via this played-out tactic.  A complaint, but a minor one.

Multiplayer is better than I expected.  Less complex with quick transitions between games keeps the gamer playing without skipping a beat.  The downside, poor spawn points and camping snipers can make for some frustrating moments, but if you go into the game not worrying about your K/D ratio you can have a lot of fun even as an inexperienced player.

I plan on putting MoH through its paces and collecting a lot of relatively easy achievements along the way.  Medal of Honor is a nice summer diversion from my everyday games.  If you have never played it and can get it on the cheap, go for it!

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