Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas – Honest Hearts

Beyond the Mojave…


O Daughter of BabylonO Daughter of Babylon – Crushed the White Legs                                          Gamerscore = 40   Unlocked on 11/07/2011

Year after year, my Fallout experience continues to grow.  This weekend I completed the latest Fallout: New Vegas downloadable expansion, Honest Hearts.  Like Fallout 3’s Point Lookout DLC before it, Honest Hearts provides the player with a new and massive outdoor environment to explore complete with caves, buildings and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.  While it officially took approximately 10 hours of game-time to complete, I did get some more by completing this DLC with its second ending, May my Hand Forget its Skill, but the achievement and ending above was the one that I took as the continuation of my adventure.


Honest Hearts was an excellent digression from the New Vegas storyline.  I was also able to secure some cool loot as a result.  Probably my favourite part of the DLC was the story within the story.  There are several caves spread throughout Zion National Park, and within these caves were terminals which told the story of a survivor of the Great War and his struggles and encounters within the park that he experienced until the end of his days.  A great piece of content indeed! 

Now that I am back in the wastes I may clean up a couple of missions before the next DLC, Old World Blues, arrives next week.  Once that is done than there will be one more than I will begin my mad push to complete New Vegas before the perfect storm of games hits this Fall.  I will probably be pushing 200 hours of play before I am through with my first New Vegas playthrough!  Next I will be thinking of the next Fallout game…hopefully they will announce it next year.

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