Tony Hawk Ride: The Price Was Right

…But my skills are lacking!


Ready To RollReady To Roll – Complete the Training Test challenge in Street Training  Gamerscore = 15   Unlocked on 09/07/2011

Two years ago at E3 I first saw Tony Hawk Ride.  I was really sold on it, even with its $150 price tag.  I pre-ordered it and awaited its release.  As its release approached, between its price tag and eventual reviews I decided against taking the plunge at that time.  Even in spite of the reviews I still has a desire to try the game and live my skateboarder fantasies.  Since its release the price would steadily decline, yet the game would continue to clog retailer’s shelves.  I held out for as long as I could, but this week when the price point finally hit the all-time low of $10, I couldn’t refuse, I finally brought Ride home.


First impression, I had a significant amount of trouble syncing the board.  Apparently that has been a problem for some time, but eventually the 360 and the board did sync and I was off and running/skating.

What Tony Hawk Ride has taught me so far is that I have not much balance on a skateboard.  Thankfully the board has no wheels or I may face a serious injury!  I found the game to be pretty fun, the board appears to respond to my movements (most of the time).  I even build up a sweat while wrestling with the board.

At the end of the day I did finally get the game that I wanted at a price I would be willing to pay…and I am glad I did not have to pay more than that.





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2 Responses to Tony Hawk Ride: The Price Was Right

  1. Cassie says:

    $10.00? That’s amazing!

    Glad it was worth it…but even mroe glad you didn’t pay more for it if this is how you feel about it…doesn’t seem like my cup of tea but for ten bucks I might’ve even given it a go.

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