A Child of Eden

Let’s get away, fly away…


Field Of DreamsField Of Dreams – Cleared the Beauty Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode                Gamerscore = 30   Unlocked on 02/07/2011

The day I bought Child of Eden I brought it home, played the first level via the Kinect (took me a couple of times to get it right), then I did not play it since.  I actually was a little sore after playing it, but I did have a lot of fun bopping around to the music and I also thought that the Kinect interface was pretty tight.  But three weeks had past without a desire to pick up the game, at least until today.


I finally got around to playing Child of Eden again, except this time I picked up the controller instead, playing it with the controller it was like I was playing Rez all over again.  I hate to say it, but at this point I prefer the controller over the Kinect experience.  Perhaps because it is my natural inclination to gravitate to what is familiar, or maybe it is the exactness of the controller, but it just felt really good to me.

Now in saying this, I am not swearing off the Kinect and Child of Eden, it was a few weeks ago so maybe I just need to refresh and try again.  I think what I would like to do is beat the game with the controller, unlock all the levels, then come back with Kinect.  Though it may seem I am being harsh on the Kinect I really am not.  Child of Eden is easily the best use and example of control the Kinect has to offer, it is just a matter of there being a time and a place for that type of play, and that time of place will be sooner than later

Child of Eden | Ubisoft




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