SUPERGHOST TV: Featuring Kinect Adventures

I’m gonna get you!

Kinect Adventure’s Living Statues!

Sharing Is CaringSharing Is Caring – Uploaded a Living Statue or photo to the Internet      Gamerscore = 20    Unlocked on 10/11/2010

Kinect Adventures of course is the game bundled with your Kinect sensor.  While the games and activities make for a fun diversion and quite a workout, the real show-stealer from this game are the Living Statues, in particular the two fat gophers pictured above!


The video I included above is of myself and my son playing around with the living statues.  He laughed so hard while we were making them and continued to laugh as we watched others on YouTube.  The Kinect Share utility allows you to upload pictures and videos from select Kinect games. hence I was able to feature my video which I uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

Before I conclude this post I need to add one more video, it is not mine, rather it is two polish Living Statues I just found on YouTube.  Enjoy!

Jumping Polish Gophers!

Kinect Adventures –




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