Mission Accomplished: Pigsy’s Perfect 10

Also in this post: Achievement Milestone: 65,000+ Gamerscore!


What can possibly go wrong?What can possibly go wrong? – Pigsy’s Perfect 10: Complete all chapters      Gamerscore = 40   Acquired on 11/06/2011

After recently completing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West I was able to continue my adventure in a way by playing DLC side story, Pigsy’s Perfect 10.  As I posted my love for Enslaved so I was glad to have another opportunity to play in that world, what I wasn’t prepared for is how different an adventure it would be, in both content and storytelling.

Pigsy’s storytelling is very comical and artistic with beautiful cut scenes which tell the story of a day in the life of Pigsy before his encounter with Monkey and Trip.  How the DLC story plays out gives you the background as well for Pigsy’s part in the main story of Enslaved.

Perfect 10 is a very expansive piece of content, it could almost stand alone based on its size and scope.  With the uniqueness of Pigsy’s control and abilities, it really differentiates itself from the parent game.  I really enjoyed the story and gameplay provided by this content.  I hope it is not the last we see of Enslaved and its cast of characters.



The Achievement I earned for completing Pigsy’s Perfect 10 was also the Achievement that pushed me over the 65,000 plateau.  Back when I surpassed the 60K Gamerscore mark I set out to hit 65K by mid year.  While I am a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, at the clip I was running at early in the year I thought I would hit this mark with a month or two to spare.  Part of my slowdown was the heavy play of the Gears of War 3 beta which of course offered no achievements.

So, 70K by year end…that is my goal, but with all the fantastic games to be played in the Fall, I once again suspect I will be well ahead of schedule.  Enslaved was a great game to have me ding this mark!

Enslaved | Official Video Game Site | Pigsy’s Perfect 10




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