Making my Return to Modern Warfare

Charlie Oscar Delta.


Look SharpLook Sharp – Find 15 enemy intel items                                                             Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 03/06/2009

As the hubbubaloo of E3 come to a close for another year I can now refocus on my blog and put up posts inspired by the events of the last week.  With the information regarding Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty’s new stats portal, Elite, making the rounds the last several days I have been inspired to once again pick up my guns and once again take to this theatre of war.

I have just purchased Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the 3rd time!  I seem to go in spurts with this game every two years.  In fact two years ago I played the multiplayer extensively that summer, prestigeing several times!  With the multiplayer of this game apparently hacked to bits at the present moment I will only be taking part in the games campaign.  I really enjoyed this game and its story the last two times around.  As part of the build up to Modern Warfare 3 I will pick up the story from the beginning, taking care to pay close attention to the characters.  Call of Duty 4 was a high water mark in the FPS genre and certainly deserves the revisit.

Hotel BravoHotel Bravo – Earn 4 stars in Special Ops                                                         Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 21/11/2009

When Modern Warfare 2 arrived I really jumped in with both feet!  In fact I purchased the MW2 inspired console, the first to boast a 250gig hard drive!  I played the heck out of this game for its first two months of its release, usually for hours each night, then like I did with CoD4, I stopped.  After completing the first Modern Warfare campaign I will slide into this title.  And seeing as how both map packs for MW2 are on sale this week I think will pick up both and delve into the multiplayer which captured my imagination and attention in a serious way 18 months ago!

MW3 = WW3

This Fall will mark what we believe is the final chapter of the Modern Warfare saga, and once again I plan to be there.  The game from what I have seen looks just as intense as its predecessors, and that is no small feet.  We have already saw civilians being mowed down in an airport, two nukes detonated, a space walk, a post Chernobyl wasteland, a televised execution, and countless other ‘Oh my’ moments.  I can’t wait to see where MW3 takes me, and with the support of Call of Duty’s new community portal, Elite, perhaps I will have something to show you from my adventures.

My entire Call of Duty career has been dedicated to the Infinity War team.  I have skipped Treyarch’s entries into series, especially the last two.  MW3 will carry the Infinity Ward name, but we all know that Infinity Ward is a husk of its formal self.  Still, the ground work has been laid an I will see this Modern Warfare to its conclusion.  This may perhaps be my last Call of Duty game…I think it will go out with a BANG!

Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare 3



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