The Eve of E3

The Christmas eve for gamers…


T’was the night before E3, and all through the ’net, not a creature was greefing, not even Torment(X)!

E3 eve indeed!  Microsoft appears to be positioned to blow our collective minds tomorrow afternoon with exciting Kinect games, a slew of triple-A titles, and other things that we will have to see to believe!

J Allard

Unfortunately I do not expect to see a giant J Allard at this year’s E3, but as I said earlier, I am expecting there to be a lot to be excited about if you are an Xbox 360 owner.  I suspect I will blog about the best of the best as it arrives and as I have time to write about it.  Sit back, relax, stay close to your computer, and enjoy the ride!

E3 2011 Coverage –



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