Afternoon Bargains

Didn’t crackdown on spending…


Future Shop (Canada’s Best Buy) is celebrating Xbox Week this week, apparently just in time for E3, I don’t think this is a coincidence.  Doesn’t matter to me because as a result I picked up not one, but two copies of Crackdown 2 for a total of $20!  I thought my son and I could have some fun playing around in the Crackdown 2 sandbox.  I had purchase C2 before, but traded it in shortly thereafter.  I liked it, but not enough to hang onto it at the time.  I didn’t stop there with purchases though, I picked up a couple more games for good measure.


Brutal Legend: Much has been said about this game.  Love it or hate it, picking up a Tim Schafer game for $5, you can’t go wrong.  I played the demo back in the day and thought it was pretty cool, but it did not have any of the RTS elements.  Into the collection it goes.


SpongeBob’s Truth or Square: This one is for the kids.  They both love SpongeBob, and for $10, it is worth the price of admission to keep them busy for awhile

It is always fun to shop for games.  What will become of the ones I bought today I am not sure, but at these prices their was not much to lose.  Who knows, they may just surprise me.

Crackdown 2 –



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