The Fallout New Vegas Tour!

Seeing the sights…before they are blown to smithereens!


Sierra Souvenir AficionadoSierra Souvenir Aficionado – Collected 500 Sierra Madre Chips                Gamerscore = 30   Acquired on 27/05/2011

One of the coolest sites/blogs I have come across in a long while is is London, U.K.’s very own Chris Worth as he documents his real-world Las Vegas vacation inspired by the in-game locals of Fallout: New Vegas.  My Fallout: New Vegas Tour is a very through account of his vacation and just how accurate the real sites are to the fictional game universe as seen through the Fallout filter.  I have been to Vegas a couple of times myself and have been to some of the game location so I am quite fascinated by Chris’s work.  If you are a fan of the game, the city, or just a neat travel blog, I would recommend checking out his work.


On the gaming front I have recently took to tackling the Dead Money DLC as can be seen from the above earned achievement.  So far I have not been the biggest fan of this content.  It is very oppressive and I feel that I am always on the verge of death.  I guess that could be described as a ‘challenge’.  My second play session went a little better, but I still want to get through it as fast as I can so I can get back to the Mojave wasteland. 

As usual I will continue to have the occasional update from New Vegas, for now I will be back into the poison air of the Sierra Madre.

My Fallout New Vegas tour!




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