Re-Open Worlds: Bethesda Softworks

Engaged in some real-worlds quests…New Vegas, Oblivion, Morrowind, etc.


Talent PoolTalent Pool – Completed Talent Pool                                                                  Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 15/05/2011

After a prolonged absence brought on my career moves, game save patches, and a Gears of War 3 beta, I finally got back to business in Fallout New Vegas.  With these massive Bethesda RPG’s you really have to stay on them as there is a potential to lose your way in the world.  Fortunately the games are really good at keeping you up-to-date with quest lines and a extremely detailed world map, but if you have your own weapons cache or elements of the adventure you yourself personalized, you may be in danger of loosing track of those details.  There is also potential to fall behind as new DLC is just around the corner.


Honest Hearts, the next DLC expansion to New Vegas is due this Tuesday, May 17th.  Here is what you can expect from that:

An expedition into the unspoiled wilderness of Utah’s Zion National Park goes horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave you become embroiled in a war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. The decisions you make will determine the fate of Zion.

New Terrain: Navigate the highs and lows of the steep canyon walls, caves, riverbeds, waterfalls and explore the lush landscapes and rugged terrain in beautiful and sprawling Zion Canyon.

New Enemies: From the deadly Yao Guai and exotically lethal Greek Geckos to new hostile tribals, Zion Canyon is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

New Perks and Weapons: Survive the wild with Tribal Wisdom or exact increased damage with Eye for Eye. Honest Hearts offers a host of new perks and weapons including the .45 Auto Pistol, .45 Auto Submachine Gun, the Compliance Regular, Fire Bombs, War Clubs, and Yao Guai Gauntlets.

Bethesda also recently announced two other expansion: Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.  More on those as they get closer to release.


Sometimes you just cannot go home again.  Last night I put Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into my Xbox 360 just to refresh my memory and remember what it was like.  My hope was to perhaps to return to this game between New Vegas and Skyrim and knock off a few achievements and maybe even the Shivering Isles expansion.  It seems that the hundreds of hours of Fallout has really made this game feel very much dated, in particular the combat.  I still hold out some hope to return someday, but not in the immediate future.  I think I will be best served by reading the lore book which was included in my limited edition of Oblivion to bring myself up to speed.

morrowindOn a related note I was perusing the Bethesda Store and noticed that they are still selling Morrowind guides.  While not complete with the expansions (Game of the Year Edition), I would still like to get my hands on one.  I believe I did own one back in the day but cannot remember what I would have dome with it.  It would go nicely with my collection of guides from my other Bethesda RPGs.


While researching my Bethesda games for this post I was reminded of the Bethesda developed Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth from back in the Xbox days.  I have always had a curiosity for this game, but only if the price was right.  Probably the best, cheapest way to get the game would be via Steam, but I am unsure if supports a game pad.  Perhaps I will have a look at my local used game retailer and see if they have one kicking around.  Like with most of these fringe games I buy, I would likely never play it, but I would at least have the option to.

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