Too Human: “We do plan to finish the trilogy”

Here there be Giants!


With my recent recollections regarding Phantasy Star Online and its upcoming sequel, and my son bringing home a book on Norse mythology, I could not help but think back to nearly three years ago when the divisive Too Human was released on the Xbox 360.  While divisive in the media, it was not in my home.  I loved this game.  To me it was the game that I felt most closely captured the PSO essence.  Years have passed and Too Human has slipped out of most peoples thoughts…until this week.  In an article I read on Joystiq, Denis Dyack, the man behind Too Human, stated “We do plan on finishing the trilogy”.

tooHuman 2

Ever since I saw the end of Too Human (** S P O I L E R **), and saw Loki at the feet of a giant, I never wanted to see a sequel as bad.  The fact that I have at least a glimmer of hope that this series will continue make me feel very happy.  With the recent announcement of Prey 2 and hope for the Too Human follow up(s), all I would need is the announcement of Shenmue 3 to make my excitement complete.  But beggars can’t be choosers, all we can do is support the products and hope the game makers see that it is worth their while.

I may do just that.  While I still own my copy of Too Human, I may buy the digital version, then when I am so inclined to play the game, all I need to do is bring it up on the menu rather than swap disks.  A co-op play through would be great as well as I played very little of the game with a friend.

So here is to hoping that Denis Dyack is serious, that the trilogy will be completed, and if you have never tried Too Human and you like action-RPGs, do yourself a favour and give it a try, it may be the best $20 you ever spent!

Too Human –




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One Response to Too Human: “We do plan to finish the trilogy”

  1. Charles says:

    The best $6.81 I’ve spent in ages, really. I’m only a few hours in, and I’ve not yet got the hang of the battle system really (as in I died WAYYYY more often than I appreciated during the second dungeon), but I’m infatuated with this PSO-esque combat feel. Too bad the 4-player online co-op didn’t work out – I’ve got a feeling that this would be one of Live’s most-played titles if things had gone according to plan.

    Can’t wait to see what SEGA’s got up their sleeves for a proper PSO sequel 🙂

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