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Buyers Market!

A Sucker for Sales… Even though I don’t do it as often as I used to, I still like buying games for the sake of buying games.  Recently Xbox LIVE Marketplace had a sale on arcade games, more on that … Continue reading

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Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Kinected!

Are you a swinger! Virtua Tennis back in the Dreamcast days was the video game that made Tennis games.  Virtua Tennis’s revolutionary gameplay, graphics, and presentation caught the world by surprise.  I loved the first VT, but it seamed as … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of Xbox: Six Years Strong!

Time flies when you are having fun! I knew several weeks ago that this day was coming…but with my preoccupied mind the date slipped past.  That is ok because today’s post marks the 6th anniversary of my Xbox-centric blog, SUPERGHOST’s … Continue reading

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Rolling Start: Fun With Forza

The Bugatti Veyron knows how to make an entrance (and an exit)! One of Forza Motorsport 3’s finest autos… My son’s favourite TV show these days in the BBC’s auto-tainment show, Top Gear.  We have been purchasing and watching all … Continue reading

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Raid on Bungling Bay

Birth of a legend… As a youth when I used to play my Commodore 64, one of the neat little games I had for it was this strange helicopter combat game entitled Raid on Bungling Bay.  It has been decades … Continue reading

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Rolling Start: Going For it in Forza Motorsport 3

Talk about an endurance race! With the leaked footage and game features that made their way onto the internet the other day it got me to once again get to thinking about the one achievement in the game I have … Continue reading

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My New Axe!

Game on! Yesterday I caught a sale where I was able to find the Limited Edition wireless 360 controller with the transforming D-Pad.  It also came with a rechargeable battery and play-and-charge kit.  I was able to get all that … Continue reading

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Forza Motorsport 4: The Leaked Footage

What does this mean?  Is it April fools? Yesterday was April 1st.  Being April 1st it is the gaming industries biggest day to play jokes on their community.  Yesterday did produce a bombshell leaked video, and if it is proven … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Portal – Still Alive

The cake is still a lie…or is it? Tests Like Chicken – Find the chicken’s test results                                    Gamerscore = 15   Acquired on 31/03/2011 I did complete The Orange Box version of Portal way back in the day, and so impressed … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Homefront

Patriots…act! Golden Gate – Complete chapter 7 in the Single Player Campaign                    Gamerscore = 10   Acquired on 30/03/2011 It feels like it has been a while since I completed a game.  This week I did manage to get a couple … Continue reading

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