Alan… Wake Up!

Need to once again find the Lady of the Light…


Alan Wake and I have some unfinished business.  When last I played the game I was approximately half-way through the Nightmare difficulty, searching for thermoses and the lost pages of the manuscript that are available during that playthrough.  I have been away too long, fortunately I love this game, I love it so much that I will not have a problem starting over on an easier skill level and once again playing it from start to finish.


Unfinished business indeed, since my Nightmare-level attempt, both DLC packs arrived, and only one of which I have played.  So I have content and achievements to earn, but do to the nature of the game’s mechanics, the rust I have accumulated from this game would make completing the rest of the way on Nightmare…a nightmare as I mentioned earlier. 

I think part of the reason I want to jump back into the game is because of the springtime weather.  After a long and miserable winter one would think that you would crave the fresh air of the great outdoors.  That is true, but the developers at Remedy have crafted an environment and story so welcoming that I want to experience their wilderness as much as my own.


So even though I have more games to play than I can manage right now, I cannot help but want to make my return to the Pacific Northwest and reintroduce myself to an old friend.

Alan Wake



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