Xtra Points: Easter Edition

Time for family…and some gaming!


With my brother in town vacationing over the Easter weekend I have a few opportunities to create a blog, but it now being Saturday morning and relatively quiet I thought I would take the opportunity to cover a few quick items from the week in gaming.

Last night I made a quick return to Halo: Reach to help my son earn the achievement for completing the game on the Heroic skill level.  His ability has come a long way since we started dabbling with ODST Firefights all those months ago.


Other things that I got myself into:

  • Still chipping away at Forza 3, except last night when my brother and I started to attack the Time Trials leaderboards.  That was a lot of fun!
  • I ordered the Portal 2 Collector’s Edition Guide from Future Press.  I have never seen one of their guides, I am quite curious to see what it looks like.
  • Finally got a true taste of Mortal Kombat when my brother and I took to some 1v1 action this week!  I am looking forward to more time with this.
  • More on this later, but I have purchased a PSP from my bro.  The only thing is that the PlayStation Network has been down for days so I cannot purchase any games.  Boo on Sony for that, well I guess they can’t have my monies yet can they?
  • With spring being in the air, my thoughts are turning to Alan Wake.

I hope to have more fleshed-out posts soon, but life has been pretty busy as of late.  You may have to put up with these Xtra Points  for a little bit as things work themselves out.  So don’t worry, I am still around gaming when I can!

Bungie.net : Watch your step.



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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