Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge Game Add-On

Time to beat the meat!


This is timely.  I have been both looking for a reason to play my Kinect lately, in particular Kinect Sports.  I have also been feeling a little heavy as of late, I could use another reason or method to burn those calories.  Rare has saw fit to look after my needs by announcing the Calorie Challenge add-on for Kinect Sports.

Line ‘em up, knock ‘em down!

Here is what Rare has to say regarding their latest Kinect Sports DLC:

Calorie Challenge” game add-on for the best-selling title on Kinect for Xbox 360. In the new Calorie Challenge Mode, your favourite lunch foods and snacks will take the forms of your Avatar Calorie Rivals. Compete against Peppy Pizza, Super Soda and others, as each food mascot represents a calorie goal to burn off through a series of challenges set within an allotted time period.

Available for 320 Microsoft Points exclusively on Xbox LIVE starting April 26, the “Calorie Challenge” game add-on offers 250G of new Achievements. Whether you’re swinging a punch at Mighty Milk in Boxing or racing against Steady Celery towards the finish line in Track & Field, bring your A-game for healthy fun with the “Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge.”

“Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge” Calorie Rivals
• Steady Celery (26 calories)
• Blazing Banana (63 calories)
• Mighty Milk (91 calories)
• Super Soda (129 calories)
• Chunky Chocolate (177 calories)
• Peppy Pizza (238 calories)

This DLC sounds yummy!  Looking forward to looking like a fool all over again! Winking smile

Rare – News



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