Xtra Points: Portal Kombat!

Pwning Portals!


I strongly suspect between Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat that I may not get much blogging done for the next little while.  Back when my blogging was sparse I started up my Xtra Points as a way to get a lot of little ideas together in order to create a post.  Since then I have upped my game and the Haunted House has been more vibrant than ever, but sometimes a gamer has just gotta game because those video games ain’t gonna play themselves!


My recent weeks have been filled with work-related events so my gaming research has suffered, but that is fine as I get to discover what the games have to offer for themselves.  Take Mortal Kombat for instance.  I am very curios to see what modes and extras the game has to offer.  As a fan from way back I want to see what nods are there for the long-time fans, also I want to see if I have the chops to hang with my friends in this game.

Again I think I will just get my rest on Mortal Monday Night and enjoy the fruits of some very interesting games.  I will let you know my impressions of each as they come, until then I am going to get my game on!

Official Portal 2 Website



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