Fallout New Vegas: Milestone Monday

Cappers be cappin’


Old-Tyme BrawlerOld-Tyme Brawler – Caused 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.                 Gamerscore = 15   Acquired on 27/03/2011

Congratulations to me!  I am now into my sixth month of playing Fallout: New Vegas.  With dozens of hours of Fallout being played in that time, one is bound to knock off some in-game milestones.  This weekend I hit not one, but two significant milestones.  One is for levels, and the other for time played.


First up, the level cap.  On Sunday I finally pinged level 35, the expanded level cap that opens up when you purchase the first DLC pack, Dead Money.  Probably my least favourite part of Fallout is the level caps.  I would even just like to see the experience points you would earn pop up on the screen to see that there is actually still some sort of progress.  I minor complaint, but one that bothers me none the less.  Probably wouldn’t be as big of a problem if it was not for my next milestone.

Last night I finally eclipsed the century mark for hours played in Fallout: New Vegas.  A huge commitment and marks the third Bethesda RPG in a row that sucked 100+ hours out of my life.  It is a good thing though, if you can put that many hours into a game, you know it is enjoyable.

Up next, I think I will start to tackle the Dead Money DLC as it sounds like we are on the cusp of an announcement for the next Fallout DLC.  More Fallout is a good thing.

Fallout New Vegas



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