Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Kinected!

Are you a swinger!Virtua-Tennis-4-Logo

Virtua Tennis back in the Dreamcast days was the video game that made Tennis games.  Virtua Tennis’s revolutionary gameplay, graphics, and presentation caught the world by surprise.  I loved the first VT, but it seamed as though to me that the franchise peaked early as the sequel gameplay could not really match that of its predecessor.  Fast forward a decade later and we are now playing games without controllers.  Enter Virtua Tennis 4.  Can VT4 and its motion control scheme recapture the original’s magic?

Check out the swingers!

I am always looking for excuses to purchase Kinect enabled games so with Virtua Tennis arriving with Kinect support in tow, this looks like a no-brainer for me.  Also I will be happy to once again give Virtua Fighter a chance to reclaim it rightful spot as one of my favourite sports franchises of all time.  It is time we put this plan in motion.  Look for more on Virtua Tennis from here in the Haunted House!

Virtua Tennis 4



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