My New Axe!

Game on!


Yesterday I caught a sale where I was able to find the Limited Edition wireless 360 controller with the transforming D-Pad.  It also came with a rechargeable battery and play-and-charge kit.  I was able to get all that for a mere $40, that is $30 less than the suggested retail price!  Not a bad find.

The Xbox 360 website goes on to describe that the D-pad transforms from a plus to a disc. The new Wireless Controller provides ultimate precision, accuracy, and control for both directional and sweeping movements. This distinctively-designed controller features a special edition matte silver color with a unique and premium button design.


Because I also like to rock a chatpad, I purchased a new black one to latch onto my new controller.  It to was also on sale from $35 to $20.  I had a white one already, but I like to colour coordinate.  Unfortunately all I really played with it so far was Full House Poker, but I hope to rectify that at some point today!

Wireless Controller with Transforming D-Pad




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2 Responses to My New Axe!

  1. Cassie says:

    Nice find!
    Those controllers are way overpriced (coughcoughgreedyMicrosoft,greedycough) so it’s always awesome to find a good deal.
    I bet the slick silver finish makes gaming feel super fancy too.

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