Mission Accomplished: Portal – Still Alive

The cake is still a lie…or is it?

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I did complete The Orange Box version of Portal way back in the day, and so impressed was I with the game that I decided to purchase the stand-alone Xbox LIVE Arcade version complete with twenty all new bonus levels.  Then I never played it.  Two and a half years later and on the cusp of the release of Portal 2 I decided to once again play Portal, and to play the version I have never attempted.


Portal is a first-class puzzler/action game.  The air of mystery and solitude combined with a singular humour makes Portal one of the most unique game experiences on the market.  I originally played the game so long ago that I completely forgot all of the game’s puzzle solutions, so other than knowing the ending the game was a clean slate for me.

It only took two and a half hours for me to complete the game, and that was with taking time to explore and look for all the hidey-holes.  So if you are looking to play one of the most beloved games of our generation, it isn’t that much of a commitment.  With Portal 2 arriving in a few short weeks, now is the time to bone up on your portal-hopping skills.

Portal: Still Alive



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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished: Portal – Still Alive

  1. Cassie says:

    YAY! It’s about time you played that poor game. It must have been so lonely.

    The best thing about this game, besides the characters, setting, writing and funness is the replayablity. I’ve played it three times now and I don’t think I’ve done any of the chambers the same way twice. That’s not even counting the advanced chambers and challenges.

    I also have two copies of the game, PC and XBox, and it was worth every penny.

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