Game Room Retro Challenge: Food Fight

Pass the tomatoes!


Check My SkillzCheck My Skillz – Won 33 Medals                                                                       Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 23/03/2011

My Game Room Retro Challenge began in earnest this week with the purchase and play of Atari’s classic food-chucker, Food Fight.  As a rule, when it comes to Game Room games, my preference is the actual arcade games, hence the game I the above game to get things started.

foodfightMy first go around with game has proven it to be a tough nut to crack.  The only medal I was able to earn thus far was the bronze Survivalist medal.  I am still a way off on even the bronze Point Buster, and the Time Spender, well they will come with time.  I did earn the above ‘Check my Skillz’ achievement when I earned my bronze medal, so all was not a loss.

The game does have a redeeming quality where it is actually a fun game, so I suspect I will have some medals yet to earn from this game.  So perhaps before I take my next plunge in the purchasing realm I may just keep food fighting for a little while

Food Fight (video game)




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