Scare Tactics: Zombie Break-Out Edition

The dead will rise…and so will the gamers!

dead island

What the?  Nearly back-to-back Scare Tactics from the Haunted House of Xbox?  Well, it just so happens that we are on the cusp of another huge Zombie break-out on the Xbox 360!  Like in the Dawn of the Dead remake, the Zombies are coming fast and furiously.  Fortunately you have SUPERGHOST as part of the Zombie News Network to brink you live reports from the field.  Here are some of the hottest zombie stories from the land of Xbox.  Be sure you are prepared for the onslaught:


More Left 4 Dead 2 Content: L4D2 will soon have more content!  A user created level mod entitled ‘Cold Stream’ will be made available as well as the remaining campaign levels from the original Left 4 Dead.  L4D2 will soon be the ultimate stop for zombie-killing madness!


The Walking Dead, The Video Game: Telltale Games is at present developing a video game adaptation of The Walking Dead property.  Will Telltale make it 3-for-3 on this hot property with the comic and the TV series being one of the hottest properties in pop culture?  Time will tell, but be sure to look for the game around the same time as season 2 of The Walking Dead arrives, Halloween 2011.

Back from the dead…

Dead Island Comes Back From the Dead: Not since 2007 have I seen anything on this mysterious title.  Recently the announcement trailer hit the internet with a bang, now everybody is on watch for the game that was left for dead.  Watch for Dead Island this Fall.


Mysterious project, Class3, the Zombie MMO: Not much is really known about this game other than it is proposed to be an open-world, zombie MMO, downloadable exclusively over Xbox LIVE.  While that does sound amazing, I will be taking a wait and see approach on this one.  More news on Class3 as it trickles out.

Certainly an exciting time for zombie games in 2011.  This weekend I will also have a special Scare Tactics which has details on perhaps the most exciting survival-horror news of the year.  If you don’t already know what I am talking about, it is from the game series that invented the genre of survival-horror.

Dead Island



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