EA Sports MMA: Evolution of Entertainment

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Ultimate Fight CardUltimate Fight Card – Fight Randy Couture versus Fedor Emelianenko in Fight Now or Online      Gamerscore = 15   Acquired on 21/03/2011

As an MMA fan, I would best describe myself as casual.  I catch cards when I can and my promotion of choice is Strikeforce.  When EA announced that their game was to feature Strikeforce as was excited, unfortunately at the time of EA MMA’s launch I was already maxed out with other titles, relegating this game to a future purchase.

The future became last week as I was able to secure a brand-new copy of EA MMA for a mere $15.  After a few quick sessions of the game it may be safe to say that it may be the best $15 game I ever purchased.  If not, the game features one of the coolest features I have yet seen on a console game, the EA Live Broadcast.


Every week, EA Sports puts on a fight card from EA MMA players from around the world.  The card is viewable on the internet as well as your local console.  Fans can chat and discuss the fights in the EA chat room and listen to the play-by-play of the event conduct by a live broadcast team!  I have already watched a couple of events and was quite impressed by the level of production that was put into this feature.  I think this is the way of the future and I hope other fighting or sports games follow this lead.

As for the game…I am liking it.  I am far from an accomplished fighting game player, but EA has forged a very accessible yet deep MMA fighting game.  Couple that with its online features and the amount of customization you are allowed and you have a lot to do in this game.  Just tonight I won my first career/pro fight.  You can view my submission here.

I am hoping to get some decent play out of this game.  I feel as though I could invest some serious time into the campaign, perhaps to become the Strikeforce heavyweight champion!

EA SPORTS MMA Video Game | Mixed Martial Arts Video Game




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