Homefront: Early Impressions

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Iron Man - Why We FightIron Man – Why We Fight – Complete chapter 1 in the Single Player Campaign without dying or restarting a checkpoint                                                   Gamerscore = 25    Acquired on 15/03/2011

After a busy week of non-game related business I am now back once again to gaming and blogging, exactly where I want to be!  First up this week is my early experiences with THQ’s Kaos developed FPS, Homefront.  If I was to sum it up, Homefront is a very competent military FPS with tremendous artistry and an eerily presented storyline of a near-future America.  Couple that with with a multiplayer that brings something new to the table.  More on my thoughts after the jump.  homefront_00b

While I have yet to complete the game, early on it is evident that it plays like any other military-based FPS game you have played before it.  What sets it apart for me was the artists attention to detail and the urban U.S. setting that is presented.  It really pulls you in and does emotionally invest you in the game.  The audio does the same as, while it is difficult to describe how or why, it pulls you in and really makes the battlefields and the plight of the citizens authentic.

Multiplayer is very impressive as well.  The 32 player, dedicated server enabled battles with huge maps, are a nice change from other shooters in the genre.  I suspect it is a nice change for those who have already spent many an hour in other shooters.  The negative experience I had last night was the constant spamming of vehicles.  It is difficult at times to get a good fight going when people are sniping for points than throwing drone after drone at you.

All in all I would say Homefront is worth your cash, at least in the short term.  Hopefully the multiplayer has legs as I think Homefront could continue to be a viable alternative to the Call of Duty series, perhaps becoming its own franchise.  I hope that it does because there is a lot of promise within Homefront.




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