Up Next: Full House Poker

You can’t read my Avatar’s poker face!


This season’s Xbox LIVE Arcade promotion, House Party, was chalk full of great titles.  I held off on all of them, even Torchlight, just so I could devote more time to XBL’s latest poker title, Full House Poker.  FHP will be this Wednesday’s release and will mark the end of the House Party.  You know they were saving the best for last.


Full House Poker was built from the ashes of 1 vs 100, the free-to-play game show on Xbox LIVE.  While 1 vs 100 was a hit with the gamers, I suspect its business model did not quite pan out.  Fast forward a year and this time around the game is Poker and the XBL community will be vying for Poker supremacy.  While I am not a hard-core poker player I certainly am a fan of the sport.  I am hoping to use FHP to build my skill set and enjoyment of the game!

I have been very excited for this game since it was first announced, I am looking forward to sending gamers away from the table, and dragging chips to my ever growing stack!  You have been warned.

Full House Poker – Xbox.com



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