Good Vibrations! Child of Eden Arrives June 14th

Kinect can hardly wait!


Since Kinect first arrived in November of last year, it made quite a splash with gamers and a decent variety of games.  What has been missing since is a a ‘gamers’ game, not just a collection of mini-games, dance simulators, and reflex tests.  What we do know for sure is that at lease by June 14th we will have what could potentially be Kinect’s killer app, the spiritual successor to Rez, Child of Eden.


Now I do love my Kinect, but in all honesty, I am really looking forward to a ‘game’ that I can sink my teeth into.  CoE stands to be the first Kinect game that breaks the mould of games before it.  I was a huge Rez fan, I own three different versions of it (unfortunately, no Trance Vibrator), so I am looking forward to an all new game and an all new way to play! 

Child of Eden




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