SCROLL: The Journal of Video Game Appreciation

My kind of gaming ‘zine!


Along side the arrival of my Dragon Age II yesterday I was also very pleased to have received the first issue of Scroll.  Scroll is probably best described as a video game ‘fanzine’ (though the author would sooner have you refer to it as a ‘midzine’, due to its smaller page count and professional-styled layouts) with a focus more on Retro gaming.  That doesn’t mean it is all ‘old-news’.  Articles on the recent Dreamcast Collection and Pac-man Battle Royal shows that…wait a second, that is just Retro gaming with brought in with a present day veneer!  Winking smile


As a long time gamer I appreciate the exploration of retro-gaming and the short-form articles.  It reminds me of my personal blog which you are reading at this very moment.  The magazine is brought to you by 1up and Retronauts alum, Ray Barnholt.  I for one enjoyed Ray’s contributions in the past and am glad he has found another venue to express his gaming world view.

So I suggest you give Scroll a chance.  The ‘zine is self-published, 40 pages with no ads and is beautifully laid out.  I am looking forward to see what Ray will have for us next time!  Click on the link below if you would like more information, r how you can purchase this unique magazine.

SCROLL: The Journal of Video Game Appreciation – SCROLL Blog




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