EA Store: Colour Me Impressed!

Quick, cheap, and easy!


Yesterday I blogged that up next I would be playing Dragon Age II.  I also mentioned that I would look forward to playing it later in the week as my history of ordering items from the United States usually involves somewhat of a delay for obvious reasons.  Today though I was awakened to a new world.  Games arriving at your door on the day of release!


I have always been one to trumpet a service when it has been excellent.  This morning my Dragon Age II: Signature Edition arrived at my doorstep, perhaps even earlier than I could have purchased in a store in my hometown.  It only shipped this past Friday, even domestically I usually do not see items this fast.

The arrival time I find was amazing, but just as amazing was the price.  Even after exchange rates, taxes, and shipping, the cost was basically bang-on with what I would have paid for the game locally.  I am happy I took that leap-of-faith two months ago when I pre-ordered because now I may do all my EA games shopping via their store.

EA pleasantly surprised me today and may have earned my future business.  I look forward to trying it out again.  Perhaps if they have a smokin’ deal for Mass Effect 3.

EA Store: Buy PC Games, Video Games for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and more.




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2 Responses to EA Store: Colour Me Impressed!

  1. Cassie says:

    You shipped it internationally?

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