Up Next: Dragon Age II

This gamer’s dragon quest.


Back in early January I took advantage of an offering from the EA Store by pre-ordering Dragon Age II: Signature Edition.  I really had not considered this game at all, there was just something attractive about the offer, it was late at night, and in a moment of weakness I was the newest owner of a Dragon Age II pre-order.


Now two months later and my game is on its way.  I do no expect it until later this week.  That is fine as I am not exactly sure when I will start to play it.  What I do know is my Limited Edition hard cover guide has shipped as well.  I expect both around the same time.

I did want to play Dragon Age Origins, but due to timing I did not bother.  I do own the guides, so I think I will buy the complete edition of the game that is now available and perhaps look for a summer playthrough of that.  Who knows, perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.  Stay tuned to see how my Dragon Age experiences turn out.

BioWare | Dragon Age




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