Up Next: Homefront

Home is where the war is.


Homefront is arriving just in time to quench my craving for a new game.  I have made a point of skipping recent military shooters such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honour, and Battlefield 1943, but there is a certain something that is attracting me to Homefront.  Perhaps it was my previous positive experience with Kaos Studios last near-future shooter, Frontlines: Fuel of War.  While quite similar in theme and gameplay, Homefront is clearly benefitting from the years of development and big media push which has already made this game THQ’s all-time most pre-ordered game!


I like the fact that not only does Homefront look like a very compelling military shooter, but it has a strong commitment to story.  I am quite interested in this story of a future-Korea taking over the United States.  While I hope such events never come to pass, it does make for exciting storytelling.  The sad thing is that many of the triggers in the game’s timeline leading up to the point where the player jumps in are all too plausible.

On a lighter note, the multiplayer looks to be tight and will have the support of dedicated servers to house the 32-player online battles!  A huge array of vehicles, weapons, and drones will be at your disposal.  If the multiplayer holds up, Homefront could provide a new home for players growing tired of their Black Ops, and as somebody who will be climbing on-board this train, I hope that is the case.

March 15th I will be bringing this home and start taking America back!  As a Canadian, you Americans can thank me later.  Winking smile

HOMEFRONT – Official Site




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One Response to Up Next: Homefront

  1. Seth says:

    Hey Superghost. Couldn’t agree more. Frontlines was criminally overlooked and Homefront looks fantastic. Just followed you on Twitter (@theGamePost, my own little endeavor). Shoot me your gamertag if you want and I’ll see you online March 15th. -Seth

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