SEGA Bass Fishing…Dreamcast Style!



With the release of the Dremcast Collection last week I have had all those classic Dreamcast games on my mind. I decided against keeping the collection at this time as I already own all of the games in the collection except Space Channel 5: Part 2.  What really got my attention was the original classic Sega arcade fishing sim, Sega Bass Fishing.

I rooted out my original Bass Fishing in all of its decade-old glory.  While I cannot earn achievements by playing this on the the Dreamcast, I do have a secret weapon for Sega Bass Fishing that I would not have on the Xbox 360 and which really makes this game more fun on its original console.


The Sega Dreamcast Fishing controller was the original ‘motion’ controller of this era of gaming. While not motion in the sense of a Wii wand or Kinect camera, it would read up, down, left, right as part of your fight to catch the fish, also use of jerking motions to cast, catch, and manipulate your lure.  I managed to secure one of these back in the day and is a lot of fun to use.

Yesterday I broke out The fishing controller and Sega Bass Fishing.  My son and I had a blast taking turns reeling in bass after bass, fighting them into the boat.  Even my youngest got into the action!  She saw us having fun and wanted to try to fish.  She even managed to catch the biggest bass of the day (with a little help from her pop)!

I can see us coming back to this game from time to time.  I may even grab the XBLA version when it come available, if for no other reason than to compare the two.  I also have some other DC fishing games to explore in the meantime.   Perhaps I will have more fishing stories in the future.

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4 Responses to SEGA Bass Fishing…Dreamcast Style!

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh Sega, you even manage to make fishing totally awesome.

    Congratulations on snagging that rod though, that’s a keeper for sure.

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