Fallout New Vegas: The Strip

If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere!


Double DownDouble Down – Played 10 hands of Blackjack                                                 Gamerscore = 10   Acquired on 26/02/2011

After 72 and a half hours of Fallout New Vegas gameplay (not counting time lost to multiple game lock-ups) I finally set fool on the New Vegas Strip!  It is certainly a strange feeling being in the world of Fallout and not being in the center of a nuke-riddled wasteland.  The Strip is in good shape, I hardly know where to start…so the game makes it easy and has Victor, the stalking robot, direct you to Mr. House, the defacto boss of the New Vegas Strip.


I saved my game prior to entering the Lucky 38, but to satisfy my curiosity I did jump ahead and meet Mr. House…in fact I jumped so far ahead as to really meet Mr. House.  I will just leave it at that. 

I think with this many hours into the game I am sufficiently levelled and supplied to continue along the games’ main path.  I am very prone to diversions in the New Vegas wastes, but I think I probably have at least another 25 hours of gameplay just keeping on the straight and narrow.  That will take me  over 100 hours!  With Skyrim in sight, and more DLC in the future, I have to get through this game as fast as I can.  I love my Fallouts, I can return to clean up some of the achievements at a later date if I so choose as I did with Fallout 3.

Fallout New Vegas




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