Gears of War 3: Release and Beta Dated

2011 is looking to be the year for Gears!


While originally scheduled to launch in spring  of 2011, Gears of War 3 was eventually pushed back to later 2011, presumably to further polish the game and and for Microsoft to put their stamp on the holiday gaming season.  This week it was announced the Gears 3 will arrive in Microsoft’s triple-A window of late September, or rather September 20th to be exact.  This has allowed for epic to position their latest over-the-top shooter, Bulletstorm (I said I wasn’t going to write about it anymore…), to cross-promote Gears by allowing gamers early access to this spring’s Gears of War 3 beta which has been announced for April.


Gears has been one of my favourite franchises since it first appeared on the Xbox 360.  With a beta due this spring, 4-Player campaign co-op out of the box, dedicated multiplayer servers, and a yet to be announced Kinect title, 2011 is shaping up to put Gears back on top for 360 gamers.

Before Gears 3 takes over the stage this Fall, I still have some unfinished business with Gears of War 2, particularly a Horde mode achievement as well as completing the campaign on the games ‘Insane’ skill level.  Hopefully I can get that taken care of sooner than later.

Gears of War – Official Site




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