Mission Accomplished: Lair of the Shadow Broker

Mass Effect 2 complete…until the next DLC.


Heart of DarknessHeart of Darkness – Confront the Shadow Broker                                         Gamerscore = 50   Acquired on 18/02/2011

Lair of the Shadow Broker was my favourite mission in Mass Effect 2.  It felt like an episode of television or a movie the way it executed the story.  The mission starts slowly, builds the tension, then peppers in the action the rest of the way.  It even provides its own ‘car chase’ scene.


I am struggling to remember if the Mass Effect 2 mission structures were as cinematic as Shadow Broker’s, or if this was an exception to the rule.  Regardless, Shadow Broker takes you to some interesting locals, builds upon the Mass Effect lore, introduces a new species, ties up some loose ends, and untangles some new ones.

I hope at least one more DLC chapter comes out before Mass Effect 3.  I feel as though I have some unfinished business with this game, even though I am just shy of 60 hours in my present game.  Judging from this thread at the BioWare forums, we may not have long to wait for a new ‘Arrival’.

BioWare | Mass Effect 2



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