Scare Tactics: Winter is Scary

When the nights are longest…


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It has been a very long time since I posted a ‘Scare Tactics’ episode on my blog.  It is probably because I have had little opportunity to comment on any scary games that I have not been playing.  Now all of a sudden it seems I have jumped back into the survival and/or psychological horror gaming scene with both feet.  In this edition of Scare Tactics I will touch on Resident Evil 5, Deadly Premonition, and F.E.A.R.  Suddenly it literally is the ‘dead’ of winter.


I have been wanting to play Resident Evil 5 again for some time now.  My brother purchased the game last year so we could play co-op, but we have never really made an attempt to play.  This week we did manage to get in a short session, but a session none the less.  I was even able to wrangle up an achievement out of our short engagement.  Hopefully we can at least get in a play session once a week. 


Recently I was also able to come into possession of The Art of Resident Evil 5 art book.  If you have never played Resident Evil 5 you will find that it is not only one of the best looking games of this generation, but that it is also filled with a lot of unique style.  This book chronicles the games art and is a great companion piece to the limited edition strategy guide.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have taken a leave of absence from the Mojave wasteland of Fallout New Vegas.  I have reverted to my back catalogue to fill in the gaps and I think Deadly Premonition may be the game I tie into next.  I have recently been thinking about Twin Peaks, this has inspired me to revisit one of the most Twin Peaks inspired games of all time (I could go with Alan Wake on that one too).  Since it is a long weekend for me I may just take some time and restart this wacky adventure where nothing is as it seems.


Talk about digging deep into the back catalogue.  With F.E.A.R. 3 arriving this Spring, I thought I would go back and play the original as a warm up and revisit the Point Man’s and Paxton Fettel’s beginnings.  I really enjoyed F.E.A.R. the first time around, in spite of its repetitive levels.  It makes up for it with interesting enemy A.I.  I may chip away at the F.E.A.R.s over the next several weeks.

Certainly a frightful amount of gaming there.  All this and two new Resident Evil games  on their way to the Nintendo 3DS and a new next-gen Silent Hill.  Things are looking up (and scary) for the survival-horror crowd.  Stay tuned to the Haunted House as you will soon see, there are more things going bump in the night!

Deadly Premonition




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