PSA: Bulletstorm Has NO Campaign Co-op

Kill with Skill…by yourself.


I almost got sucker’d into the Bulletstorm hype.  I posted last month that I was saying no to Bulletstorm, but the non-stop hyping of the game by Epic and friends over twitter, the lure of ‘early access’ to the Gears of War 3 beta, and some dandy trade-in deals at my local EB Games, I succumbed to the pressure.  I thought to myself that at least I could play through the campaign with a buddy, get the GoW3 beta out of the way then trade-in.  That was the plan anyway…

cliffbThanks to Cliff Bleszinski’s honesty I no longer have to endure what would have been a $70 ticket to have early access to a beta.  You see, I have not paid too close of attention to this game, but I did know that it was originally designed with campaign co-op in mind.  It wasn’t until Joystiq recently ran a story how the co-op was canned during the development process.  Here is an excerpt from the interview:

According to Bleszinski, co-op killed the game’s pacing: it “just broke down, and it was a situation where people would race through the game, ignoring the vistas and they wouldn’t set up as many skillshots,”

Sounds like a ‘BS’ story to me, and I don’t mean Bulletstorm.  Well at least I found out, I can put my time and money towards more important things.   I recommend saving your money and purchasing The Club for a comparable experience.  You should have no trouble funding a copy for $5.  This should be the last I ever write about Bulletstorm. (Yea!!!)

Bulletstorm | Epic Games | EA




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One Response to PSA: Bulletstorm Has NO Campaign Co-op

  1. Cassie X says:

    No co-op? But the game seems perfect for that!

    I’ll probably pick it up in the discount bin in a few years.

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