Mission Accomplished: Minerva’s Den

Bioshock 2’s DLC is more than meets the eye!


LogoutLogout – Escaped Minerva’s Den                                                                    Gamerscore = 50   Acquired on 06/02/2011

The creators of Minerva’s Den, the downloadable adventure which expands the legend of the city of Rapture, packed a lot of gameplay into a little package for a little cost (800 MS Points). I tend to play my Bioshock games on the slow side to begin with, but I suspect it took me between 6 and 8 hours to complete this side-story.  That is about the length of today’s popular shooter campaigns.


Minerva’s Den had all of what you would expect from a major Bioshock release, all they really trimmed down was the researching of the residents of Rapture and how they handled weapon upgrades.  They didn’t take the easy road with art assets either in order to present an all-new look for Rapture.

I think I prefer this compact Bioshock experience, I wish that more would come out, but I think we will have to wait for XCOM and Bioshock Infinite for more of that style of gameplay.  I enjoyed playing this content so much that I may go back and and knock off a couple of my Mass Effect 2 DLC packs next, or even Alan Wake.

The Cult of Rapture – The Secrets of Minerva’s Den




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