Blog Update: Retro Reconstruction Project

A lot of work and reminiscing…


Back when I completed the switch from MS Spaces to WordPress I indicated back in September that I would be ‘bringing up to code’ my older posts.  While not actively re-writing posts, I have been updating the images and links in some cases.  Presently I have April – June 2005 complete.  Once I get into the posts where I was able to add images the work should progress faster.

It is funny to look back on older posts just to see what I was writing about and how I was doing posts.  Back then the blogging tools were cruder and so was my style.  I feel I haven’t really come into my own (not saying good, but into my own) until very recently.

I will chip away and occasionally update on the project over time.  It is certainly not a priority, just another confirmation of my commitment to the Haunted House that SUPERGHOST built.  Stay tuned for further updates.




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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