The Gunstringer Set to Make a Bang on Kinect

Twisted Pixel’s twisted game for the Kinect!


I was recently engaged in how I thought a shooter could or would work with the Kinect motion sensor.  I thought that a FPS / Shooter would clearly have to be very specialized and unique to take advantage of the Kinect’s strengths.  No sooner did I finish making that comment that I discovered that a shooter is on its way to Kinect, that it is unique, specialized, and is from the minds that brought us such quirky and loveable games like Comic Jumper and ‘Splosion Man.  Enter The Gunstringer.

Gun luvin’ puppets!

His goal was to get revenge on his old posse who had packed him with lead and left him with a permanent address under three feet of Texas clay…then get dangerously drunk on apple jack whiskey.

He was a one-man judge, jury and executioner on the bloody vengeance trail”.
He was…the Gunstringer.

– Excerpt from “The Gunstringer Rides Again”

With the pedigree that Twisted Pixel has developed we know that this game will certainly be entertaining.  As a shooter, I will take a wait and see approach.  It is good to see that there is some new Kinect games on the horizon that are not just exercise or mini-game collections.  Gamers want games, and The Gunstringer may just fit the bill!

The Gunstringer



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