Taking Cover from a Bulletstorm



I have to admit, I did find this game intriguing at first.  The more I saw the co-op and the ‘Kill with Skill’ concept it looked to me like this game would be one of the more exciting new IP’s of 2011.  But when the barrage of new media to promote the game started to hit over the last month I started to feel like I may need to take cover from this Bulletstorm.

BS Screen

Maybe it is because I am an older gamer, maybe it is because I am a parent, but when I sit down to play a video game, I do not want my main objective to be to shoot out somebody’s a-hole.  There is violence, there is over-the-top violence, but I get the vibe that they are pushing hard to cross over the line of any kind of taste.  And to cross over that line for a see-all gamer like myself…well in their minds I guess it is mission accomplished.

The reality is that I was going to pre-order this game to access the Gears of War 3 beta, but I guess I will have to seek other avenues to access that as I do not feel good about contributing  to the excessiveness that is Bulletstorm.  If you really want to see for yourself what is in store for you from Bulletstorm, there are several videos on YouTube that will paint you a picture of this game and what it all about.  I don’t really feel like contributing much more to that noise, so I will sit back and enjoy some quality time with some of my other favourite games while Epic revels in their bad-assery.  Enjoy yourself boyz!

Bulletstorm | Epic Games | EA

-Good ol’ SG


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1 Response to Taking Cover from a Bulletstorm

  1. TormentX says:

    Like Crackdown before it this game is just a gateway to the GOW 3 beta. I’ll buy it, play it and trade it ! Otherwise I have no real love for this game.

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