DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions

Itagaki or no, Team Ninja soldiers on…to the 3DS


In the past, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 consoles were the home for Team Ninja, in particular the DEAD OR ALIVE fighting series.  What ever deals were done behind the scenes to make this happen,  I think one of the big attractions was the power of ‘X’, or rather the cutting edge graphics the Microsoft’s consoles could offer.  But that was then, and this is now, Itagaki has his own studio in Tokyo Vikings and has left his legacy to what is left of Team Ninja.  So the new Team Ninja will do what it does best, take its old ideas and make them new again.  Enter DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions!

The bouncy chests of DOA have never been so much ‘in your face!’

Team Ninja has release a trailer at Nintendo World 2011 for their most recent entry into the DOA franchise.  From what I understand, DOAd will encapsulate all the previous entries as well as tie together some of its more obscure plot points.  I for one have always been intrigued by DOA strange and twisting storyline.  I even provided a guide in my blog way back in June 2005 in how to get the most out of the story!

So for the immediate future, the Nintendo 3DS looks to be the home for DOA, but keep in mind you can play all the entries in the series, 1 through 4, on Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles on the big screen.  But if you want your DOA action in 3D, you may want to shell out for the new Nintendo handheld.  You may want to consider pre-ordering now.

DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions



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