Holiday Season Deals

When a gamer can’t help himself!


One of the nice things about the Christmas holiday season is that gaming deals abound.  Due to the massive backlog of games I have at present I was able to resist most, but I did bite on a few.  The following are the deals I took part in over the holidays.  For good, or ill, it remains to be seen.


After a lot of Game of the Year hype talk on recent Giant Bombcast’s, I found myself purchasing a copy of Bayonetta for $20.  I remember playing the demo back in the day and being impressed, but when I tried playing recently I wasn’t feeling it.  I will chalk it up to bad timing and try again.  At worst I have some trade-bait for some of my upcoming purchases.


Another game in which I have heard a lot of talk.  Talk in which some of it was good, and some of it was bad, but enough to get me curious for this unusual action-adventure RPG from the house of Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, Square-Enix.  I did try Neir for a few minuets and in my opinion it did show some promise, and for a $10 price tag, I felt I couldn’t go too far wrong with this purchase.


Another game that the good folks at Giant Bomb sold me on via their podcast.  What got me the most curious about this game was how they described it as looking and sounding like a Commodore 64 game.  I have a lot of fondness for the C64 so I thought this would be a modern way to recapture some of the nostalgia I have for that time in my life.  So for $2.50 I purchased this quaint little indie platformer off of Steam.  I will say it is an impressive little game.  I think I may chip away at this one over time.

As I mentioned earlier I did have some will power, but at the end of the day I am a gamer that has to game!




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1 Response to Holiday Season Deals

  1. TormentX says:

    Bayonetta is great.

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