Rolling Start: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

My first NFS game is a dandy!

NFS-1st Takedown

Gotcha! – First Racer Bust                                                                                 Gamerscore = 5   Acquired on 29/12/2010

I have never been interested in the Need for Speed series of games.  My interest in racing games has for the most part been very narrow over the years, sticking to a few select franchises or games, I rarely step outside of that paradigm.  But when my friends first saw the teaser trailer for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit they were all over it, and when it was finally released they sung its praises from the rooftops.  With it being the holidays and feeling another game was necessary, I decided to take a chance and purchase this game…and I am glad that I did!

Subaru Cop

In reality, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a pseudo-sequel to Burnout Paradise.  Both are developed by Criterion Games, the best smash-and-crash game developer in the business!  Both too use an open word to set their game in, but NFS differs with an experience more focused on events than free exploration.

Need for Speed also excels with its social integration hub known as the Autolog.  There you can post messages, photos, challenges, etc.  Autolog keeps you in the game and challenging your friends times and scores, always giving you a new goal.

NFS screenshot

What is most important is that NFS plays like a dream.  If you enjoyed your racing and takedowns in the Burnout series, you will love the racing ant intense-weaponized car combat that NFS brings to the table.  As I mentioned prior, NFS plays like a more focused version of Burnout Paradise.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit will definitely keep me behind the wheel for some time.  My only concern is that Test Drive Unlimited 2 is just around the corner.  Will I have room for both of these in my rotation with Forza 3 still taking up my attention?  Stay tuned.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit




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